What about me?

Reflecting back on the past years I have been involved and served a broad variety of brands, companies and customers with distinctive work, whether these were short-term smaller projects with little budget and resources or larger long-term projects. Partly that is one of the challenges of providing and executing a tailor-made creative digital solution, providing clear insight into possibilities according to timings and conditions and mapping them out. You achieve this by committing to a thorough creative process in which it has to become clear to stakeholders which goals and targets can be achieved and how.

After working in this field with these disciplines for over fifteen years now, I still get busy with the same passion and dedication on projects as in the period after I just finished my studies. Over the years my knowledge and experience has grown to where I am today.


Tempation Island VIPS Concepts

Temptation Island VIP Concepts


Zodiak – EO – Tygo in de GHB

Zodiak – EO – Tygo in de GHB


OCL – Loading Animation

OCL –  Loading Animation