🙋‍♂️Hi there, Olivier Stork – Visual Creative

Getting busy with processing brand, campaign or customer input into a compelling narrative, clear and insightful visual communication, storyboarding and styleframes resulting in distinctive creations, that is what I thrive on best.  Are you looking for an experienced visual creative who comes packed with big and small ideas, works with thorough expertise and has the technical knowledge how to execute and deliver in Motion, Design, 3D Animation and User Interaction?


Feel welcome to get in touch.

360º Cross Media

Whether you’re using video and animation for a Social Media or Display campaign to tell your story and advertise or you’re making use of 3D animation in a television show or commercial to get your point and product across to your audience. Question is: What and where at what time works best for each audience group you’re targeting.

Experience and keeping skills up-to-date

Working within the field of advertisement and marketing for some time now and I find it’s important to keep up and expand my skills, exploring new techniques and ways how to get communication across to where your audience is. Keeping up-to-date with emerging tools and platforms, design and motion trends, soft- and hardware options is essential in a rapidly developing environment.


Using your message to create a compelling and relevant visual story and being able to deliver throughout a broad diversity of media and platforms, that’s what I keep tuning my skills into.

Creative solutions0%
Good eye for details0%
Eager to learn0%
Thorough and communicative0%
Technical know-how0%